How to Use Your Story for Professional Success with Mandy Schulis

Meet Mandy Schulis, Owner and Resident Boss Lady of The Schulis Creative and Mandy Schulis Coaching:

In this episode of And In Heels, we chatted with Mandy Schulis, the owner and resident boss lady of The Schulis Creative and Mandy Schulis Coaching. Mandy helps women harness the power behind their stories, leveraging their personal experience for personal and professional success. 

Mandy started her first company at 22, built it to 6 figures by 25, lost everything at 34, and came back stronger as she began to reinvent her life and career. She did this by looking for opportunities in the obstacles that life sometimes throws at you.

Now she teaches other women entrepreneurs to do the same with a backwards approach that focuses on a solution – rather than a problem – and how to make small shifts that help you survive, succeed and excel. 

As a former single mom, domestic violence survivor, and successful serial entrepreneur, Mandy is one of the most motivational and inspirational people I have had the privilege of speaking with. Give this episode a listen and share your thoughts with us!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The belief in that the universe, or fate, can sometimes reveal one’s true path in the most unexpected ways.
  • Life circumstances that appear overwhelming and impossible to conquer, but even in those moments, there is the potential for hope and opportunity.
  • Who to go to when you need support in your darkest of times.
  • This is your permission to be successful, as a woman, if you’re looking to break from tradition and harness unique personal qualities in order to achieve greater success.
  • How to go from your comfort zone of excellence – to a zone of genius

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