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In earlier posts on this site, we’ve shared the importance of the guest experience. Now let’s look at those who are most valuable to your growth: the guests who have the income and the time to visit you more often. Or at least spend more when they are able to visit. Guests willing to spend a higher dollar amount than most others want the kind of services that are, by and large, easy for you to deliver. Your success in consistently delivering those services will make them feel special. In this article, we’ll look at how matching services with premium guests can also light the fuse to your profits.

Who are your high-value guests?

Every guest is important. They deserve the best of what you have to offer. How well you treat them will determine whether and how often they return. Keep in mind that your attention to detail can be the difference between a one-time visitor and a consistent source of high-margin revenue. Here are a few ways to identify these premium guests:

  • Frequency of their visits
  • The length of their stay
  • Amount they spend (upper-tier rooms, more on food and beverage, more on experiences)

The question is: What will you do to keep them coming back, to keep each visit feeling new and invigorating? How can you make it easy for them to decide to stay with you instead of trying out your competition?

Treating a premium guest

Most forward-thinking hotels – perhaps yours – advertise rewards programs that offer points or discounts for travelers. And these certainly encourage those familiar with your property to rebook. But to build up and influence a roster of premium guests, you need to take a detail-oriented approach that is proactive without being burdensome to your operations. Actionable information and best practices include:

  • Knowing what rooms guests prefer
  • Making reservations on their behalf at favorite restaurants
  • Taking care of bookings for outings
  • Surprising them with welcome services

You can also provide advice on new places to explore or recommend special events your hotel may be hosting. With the right system, all of these value-added extras are easy and economical to deliver in light of the payoff.

Your goal should be to efficiently customize and target offers by segmenting your premium guests according to their shared preferences.

By using the information you’ve gathered about your guests based on their previous stays, you know what they expect and what delights them. Gather the right information and organize it properly, and you will deliver attractive offers that hit the mark.

And keep this in mind: The better you treat your guests and anticipate their needs, the more likely they are to become the premium guests that increase your profits.

Let’s create and nurture your premium guests

We are passionate about outstanding tourism experiences. As we help you deliver those experiences to your high-dollar guests, your profits will also increase. Contact Forecast Sunny today and let’s discuss areas where you can increase your profits by focusing more on the services that bring back your loyal customers.