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Manufacturing companies like yours provide essential products and tools that keep other industries running and profitable. The high quality of your solutions can generate reliable loyalty and the word of mouth that leads to new customers. But you’re limiting your revenue by not taking advantage of the digital avenues for expanding your customer base. The most prominent of those channels is your website.

An online business presence is essential. Your website is the digital face of what you do. If it’s not generating leads, it’s just taking up space. Below are our recommendations for making sure you have a top-performing website representing your company.

Five keys to improving your website

Don’t sell all the time. Educate. Your customers know their industry. They also need to know you have their best interests in mind. A site filled with features and specs doesn’t necessarily tell a customer why they should care about your product. If the solution is innovative, product sheets don’t tell the whole story. They don’t tell a story at all.

Using the language your core audience understands, tell your site visitors something they didn’t know before. Your best competitors are also coming up with ideas for content and executing on that strategy. Case studies are great ways to show proof of your solutions. Well-written flyers and brochures that convey features and benefits as well as the expertise and personality of your company should be part of your site’s assets. Explain to your readers the kind of challenges your products and services solve.

Empathize with your customer. People don’t buy technology for its own sake. They buy it to solve a problem, improve a process, or reach an outcome. Know who your customers are and write content for them. Over time, you’ll revise your content creation process as you learn more about your customers’ buying habits and what they need.

Map out the journey. Your site needs to have all the elements that take the customer from understanding what you do to trusting you with their business. Make it easy for them to identify each call to action (CTA). Some pages and downloads will be for those just starting their research. Other pages should be tailored to visitors further along in the journey and looking to compare solutions. That CTA may be a call with a representative or a button that lets your guest enter their contact information to download a paper.

Include SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of ensuring your website will be among the top results when people enter their relevant search terms into Google. By optimizing your website with the terms your customers are searching for, you’ll rank higher in Google results. Track your top keywords and best-performing content to keep your site relevant.

Make it mobile friendly. Many of your customers aren’t sitting behind desks. They’re on the move in training sessions, work meetings, and on-site inspections. They’re using their smartphones to check for emails and to take part in conference calls. Whether you’re creating a new website or redesigning it, you have to make it easy to navigate from a mobile device.

Let’s create a website that works for you

These aren’t the only keys to a website that brings in leads and converts them to customers. But with these elements place, you’ll be in a position to turn your site into a revenue-producing channel of your business. A quality website will support your sales, product, and support teams.

Contact Forecast Sunny Marketing for help with improving the reach of your website and making it the revenue generator it should be.