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Savvy customers need to know more than features and benefits before agreeing to purchase your product or service. They have to trust you. Once they know they can trust you, that you understand their business and can solve their challenges, they will rely on you.

Far too often, we see sellers and marketers who think that features and benefits do the selling. But those bullet points don’t tell the story of the company. Does it stand behind its work, is it trustworthy, and is it vested in delighting their customers?

Seen this way, relying on features isn’t compelling if you don’t let the customer know what problems you’re trying to solve for them. Make clear you understand their challenges and that solving their challenges is your company’s mission.

Because people read so much content every day, what you give them has to be helpful. It also has to be better than what your competitors are telling them. Give them a reason to read your emails, your newsletters, your social media posts.

How to answer “why should I care?”

  • Make clear you understand customer challenges. Show that you understand their industry, the ways it is trending, and how companies may be trying to take on those changes. You can do this in much of the content you share with them, including emails, case studies, service sheets, brochures, videos, and more. Think about the typical roadblocks they encounter while trying to solve for a problem and address those in your copy.
  • Be a thought leader in your field. Blog posts, webinars, LinkedIn articles, industry publications: All of these are opportunities to share your knowledge. By educating the businesses and decision-makers that need the solutions and services you provide, you’re making it easier for them to work with you. And you’ll stand apart from competitors who don’t provide this added value.
  • Share reviews and third-party research. You’re a customer, too. Aren’t you justifiably skeptical of the boasts and claims made by companies trying to get you to invest your time and money? You scroll down to the reviews section to see what others who’ve already made the purchase have to say. Prominently sharing reviews of your company can instill confidence in people considering working with you. Where possible, share research from analyst firms and industry magazines. To your prospects, you will be seen as objective on the issues that face them.
  • Repeat your message across media. People have to hear a message many times before it resonates. According to Hubspot, nearly half (47%) of buyers will consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson. Additional research shows that customers will read or watch between seven and eight pieces of content before buying. By promoting your message across different communication channels, you’ll help accelerate its reach and impact.


Put yourself in the position of the buyer: Would you rather put your faith in the promises of a cold caller or in the content that educates and compels you to work with the company that understands your problems? Offer your prospects the resources and the kind of help that no one else will or can. Show them you care and they’ll be more likely to do business with you.

At Forecast Sunny Marketing, we are prepared to earn your trust by helping you make the customer connections that grow your business. Connect with us to share your story and the challenges holding back your sales.