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A B2B lead-generation strategy empowers companies to dominate when others are struggling to overcome the lack of in-person trade shows, fewer quality prospects, and leads that are slower to convert. B2B marketing empowers companies to expand their reach and connect with their audience wherever they are.

Customer expectations have changed. You have to be ready to interact with customers during their buying journey. Marketing efforts need to account for customer behavior and meet them where they are.

A B2B Lead Generation Strategy is Critical to Your Business’ Success in 2021

B2B marketing can be complex, but the most important thing to remember about it is this simple fact: People make buying decisions. And those decision-makers no longer rely solely on advertisers to inform them about products. A study by CSO Insights says that 70% of B2B buyers prefer self-education in the early stages of the buying process.

You can assist with these efforts by creating the content that your customers can find through their online searches, business networks, and digital subscriptions.

Email. Email is still the most personal way to connect with someone. Yes, everyone uses it, and our inboxes may be flooded with offers and requests. But you know from experience that a well-written, personalized email that offers you value will catch your eye. Studies bear out that it is among the most effective B2B marketing channels. Your account managers can use emails to share personal invites to attend a company event, be a VIP guest at a tradeshow, or to see a demonstration of your latest product. The great advantage of email: It can share all of the other types of channels below.

Blogs. By posting well-written, relevant content, you increase your ranking in Google. You also help attract those at the top of the sales funnel – people trying to figure out the types of solutions to their challenges. Use analytics tools to determine which of your articles are the most read. To your subscribers, send emails that that include digests of recent content. Make those emails shareable so your audience can help you gain new subscribers. On the blog, make it easy to find topics among your posts by tagging entries with keywords and highlighting the most popular content. The articles you write can also be guest posts on other, high quality sites.

Digital newsletters. A monthly newsletter sent out via automated email to a list of subscribers is an excellent way to share news of new products, events you’re hosting, and your thought leadership. In this way, you provide content that appeals to a wide range of prospects: those just starting to explore possible solutions, others who’d like to see how you compare to your competitors, and people close to buying and looking for detailed product information.

Videos. Surveys show that video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. Use videos to show customers the benefits and features of a new product. Answer commonly asked questions and offer advice during an FAQ session.

Ebooks. Many of the ebooks we’ve seen resemble PowerPoint presentations, a format that makes them highly engaging and reader-friendly. They combine text, images, and graphics in an attractive design that is easy to scan and will stand out among white papers that are dense with text.

LinkedIn. This popular network of professionals is the ideal place to share links to your blog posts, special offers, and educational articles. Not only does LinkedIn allow you to tout your capabilities, it provides the space for telling a vast audience why they should care about what you do.

These are just a few examples of the digital paths you can create for your audience. With digital marketing, you make it easier to meet your customers where they are on their journey to improve their businesses.

Forecast Sunny Marketing is here to offer the guidance and services that improve your connection with customers. Let’s talk and use the tools above to generate brand recognition and revenue for your company.