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At Forecast Sunny, we are big believers in contextual marketing. Because when you understand someone’s situation and their behaviors, you can speak to them in a human and helpful way. And giving your guests what they want and making them happy in the process is how you ensure they return and become brand ambassadors. Through a process of aligning discovery with delivering the services that define your hospitality, you will drive much higher profits.

Here’s a helpful way of expressing the value of contextual marketing:

  • You reach customers where they are in their buying journey, giving them what they need right now

As a hotel marketer, you know that the journey for the guest includes not just their room preferences, but the wide array services that make their stay an enjoyable one. And one high-impact way to share the value of your services is through personalization.

What does personalization look like?

Personalization is more than using first names in email subject lines. It’s about showing a guest what he or she wants to see based on what they’ve shared with you. Just a couple of ways you can apply this technique include:

  • Emails that promote offers they are likely to be interested in
  • Home pages that welcome back return guests with information that piques their interest

We advocate for a personalized approach because it makes best use of the information you gather from your guests about what they like and the kind of amenities they prefer, such as:

  • Shuttle services that take them to nearby attractions
  • Favorite property restaurants
  • Spa treatments
  • Daycare services you offer for children while the adults get away

As you compile information about your customers’ behavior and likes, you can use it to create and automate customized mailers that speak directly to what they want, when they want it.

Using that information, you will be able to promote the incentives that keep them returning to your property for a first-class experience.

In our next article, we’ll explain how you can spend less on your customer outreach and drive a bigger ROI.

How will you make meaningful connections with your guests?

We have the customer resource management (CRM) knowledge and solutions to deliver the communications that make each guest feel special because you’re showing them the services they are interested in while speaking directly to them as a person, not just another customer.

Rely on Forecast Sunny to speak to your guests in a human way and promote the offers that create satisfaction and loyalty. Contact us and let’s discuss better ways to understand your clientele and create the hospitality experiences that grow your profits.